Monday, 10 February 2014


In this time of dearth, I've taken to filling every available indoor plant pot with soil and seed!  All I can see out my window is white snow and frosty ice (which makes me long for Spring).  These are green onions which will soon grace an omelette ~ BOY am I looking forward to that :)    The plant pot is my Grandma's.  She has a terrible time remembering to water plants now and she gets rather upset to see her plants die from lack of water so we've made a deal - I'll use her pots and I promise to bring her flowers now and then :)

My poor hens are really missing green forage (as much as I'm missing garden greens!).  They do have kitchen scraps to supplement their organic feed plus I soak/ferment grain for them every few days, but I thought they might like a wheatgrass treat (they do).  Topped with some juicy worms from our worm farm, it's a veritable buffet of goodness in the middle of February for our "girls".

To combat the chilly, winter doldrums, I've been drinking an awful lot of hot lemon, honey, ginger tea lately.  With a dash of cayenne, it warms me from the inside out.


  1. It's good to read a post from have inspired me to get out the seed packets and start dreaming about the garden. I'm so ready for some sunshine and warmer temps !

    1. Yes, it's that time of year, isn't it? I suppose we should be enjoying the rest that late winter affords us... soon we'll be flat out working outside all day!

  2. I so wish we could send you some Australian summer we have more than enough sun and heat to share.
    herford :)

  3. Ha! Wouldn't that be a nice parcel to receive in the mail - a box of sunshine :)