Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A great tool for sourcing locally grown food

Wanted to pass on a fantastic initiative called Ripe Near Me.    It's a brilliant (global) network that connects local food to local eaters and best of all it's free!    Find what's growing for purchase (or giveaway) in your area (in farmer's fields AND in backyards).   Also, arrange to swap what you have growing in excess for what you are lacking in. A win, win all around!

The clever initiative began in Australia, but it IS global.  That said, it's in the infancy stage and in order for it to succeed, we need to spread the word and register!    There's nobody listed in my area yet but I'm registering anyway to try and get the ball rolling here.  If we all register, Ripe Near Me will grow faster and be of useful service for everybody.   I have chatted with several acquaintances in Australia who have made good use of this service and they are thrilled with the program.  Help promote this brilliant, grass roots, people powered initiative and put local food on YOUR table this season!

Check out the Ripe Near Me Blog for current news or go to the site by clicking HERE.

* Note - I do not receive any incentives for endorsing this program - I'm just a passionate local foodie who wants to spread the word!

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