Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Let the festivities begin

We've been busy merrymaking here and are packaging up homemade gifts of all kinds.  Honey from our hives, soap, herb vinegars, Worcestershire sauce and vanilla that's been aging for a few years (and tastes divine!).   This sweet little snowman (with homemade hot chocolate fixings) is my daughter's creation and is a gift for her best friend.  Isn't he sweet?   So simple and very reusable as canning jars can be repurposed for absolutely anything.  A scarf cut from wool felt would eliminate the ribbon quite nicely but I'm out (must order more!).

Reducing waste at Christmas is a huge issue in our home.  We are trying to get away from excess packaging and disposable wrapping, instead focussing on materials easily recycled or repurposed.  Fabric bags, cut yardage, brown paper, canning jars and wicker baskets all work well to festively wrap gifts without creating waste but I'm looking for more ideas, so please share :)


  1. With 5 kids on my parents farm, I remember wrapping our gifts to each other in newspaper. With a ribbon it actually looks pretty good! We reuse gift bags and boxes, but my favourite is brown craft paper with butchers string. If I'm able, I like to put gifts in sturdy decorative storage boxes that can be kept and used but it really adds to the cost of the gift. I have also wrapped small gifts in tea towels when the towels were part of the gift. That reminds me to do that this year!

  2. Cute gift idea...I've used brown shipping paper for years, just add a bright ribbon bow or colored twine.

  3. love the snowman, you could make a hat from an old sock and cut a scarf from an old t-shirt, I love these kinds of gifts better than a bit of mass produced plastic :-)

  4. Oh what a sweet little fellow he is!


  5. lovely idea for the mix nothing like it on a cold day

    1. Yes, it's cute isn't it? A little different than just one jar (which is fine) but this is more playful, I think!

  6. What a lovely gift she has made and the list of gifts you are making sounds amazing. Anyone one on the receiving end should be very pleased.