Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Special Girls

Paige turned 10 this past weekend.  Double digits, OH MY!  It's tradition in our family for the birthday child to have a large pancake made especially for them with chocolate chips announcing their new age.  Slowly, over the past few years, we have moved toward removing white flour from our home and table.  That transition was not always easy, but boy do we all feel better for it :)  

Pretty Penny came to the party with her Mom and Dad - oh BOY, did she have fun watching all the comings and goings!  At 4 months, this little Miss is one busy little bee, preferring to be awake where the action is rather than napping or sitting back watching the world go by...  

Never mind baby toys when REAL life things are all around us....  she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, so different textures are a big hit right now.  

Before you know it, we'll be celebrating Penny's first birthday in October!  Golly, time does fly...  


  1. I know how you feel...mine were 10 and before I could turn around, they were in college! Beautiful photos!

  2. Pretty Paige & Pretty Penny! Beautiful family!

  3. Happy birthday Paige (even tho I'm a bit late).

  4. Happy 10th Birthday Paige!!!! What a lovely age to be :) I am sure sweet little Penny enjoyed the day as well. She is a cutie to! I love the birthday pancake, what a fun way to start a special day of celebration :)

  5. Special days and special girls indeed, Sherri. I'm glad you take time to enjoy these wonderful family moments.

  6. How absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing those pics with us Sherri!Love the pancake idea...our tradition is always a favourite dinner!