Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Life is so gloriously full right now.  From waking until bedtime ~ the hours, minutes and moments are FULL to the brim with (mostly) good things.

Watching Penny grow and change is a favourite pastime,


as is watching my son in his own journey (fatherhood).  

The ballet performance, the award given to Reece, the volunteering,

the Christmas concert, the choir, the gift making (and receiving - thanks Ruthy!)

the baking, the creating, the wrapping, the decorating, the planning and the cleaning.

Let us also not forget the shovelling and ploughing for there has been a LOT of snow this week.  2 hours each time X 2 days so far this week.  More to come.  I REALLY need to learn to use the tractor with the snow thrower.

Oh yes, it's busy XO


  1. Now there's one proud grandma talking, what a true blessing.

  2. What a sweet baby photo....Life is busy in my world too! It's a wonder that any of us have time in December to write a post....

  3. What a gorgeous little petal (penny that is!) and yes, you need to learn how to use the snow thrower. Like anything new, big machinery seems scary because its big. Think of the hours you could save for being a grandma by upskilling. I'm trying to push my boundaries in similar ways and it's all about that precious thing called time. Take care, Alison xxx

    1. Yes, Alison, the walk behind snow thrower takes a full 2 hours to clear the drive! Hubby comes home today so I do think a lesson on the diesel tractor is in order.

  4. Do hope we'll see pics of you driving the tractor, it will be a great skill to master as Alison mentioned above.