Monday, 15 October 2012

Another project crossed off the list

As Paige's garden sign says, Fall has indeed arrived.  Our days are bright and sunny but cool ~ perfect for getting some heavy projects done outside.

The early evening light looks orange and fiery against the overcast sky.  This picture was taken over the weekend, just moments before the heavens let go and the (not forecasted) rain poured down.  The weather here changes rapidly and unexpectedly (both ways) and never ceased to surprise us.  

Today was sunny and warm (16C exactly, Rose :) ), so we gathered up the old pallets/pieces of pallet wood that we've been saving and we magically put them into useful service as a compost bin.  I use the term "we" very loosely...  truth be told, my brilliant husband is responsible for everything.  I merely helped fetch and pass things.  He's amazing like that :)

We've been meaning to set up a permanent composting system ever since we moved here, but somehow, that project always got bumped down the list... for three years!

She's not "pretty" but this project didn't cost us a dime, so that fact trumps beauty any day!  We chose a convenient spot - on the way to the hens and garden and not far from the clothesline - the 3 places we visit daily.  The bin has good exposure (SE) so it should see enough sun to help with decomposition.  

Ain't she grand?  


  1. Bravo!
    I Love it!
    It should serve you well.

  2. The magic of home-made compost, gardener's delight! Happy composting.

  3. It's great! I don't think it would look as good if it were made out of new timber.

  4. Awesome! This same project always seems to get pushed down my list, too :\
    I have 3 rather large compost piles that could really benefit from some containment! The biggest one is in the garden, and when my mom visited recently, a rogue toilet paper roll fell out of the pile as she walked by, to which she said, "Ewwwww." Then again, she's not really a "compost person." Nevertheless, can't have my compost offending my mother, now can I? ;)

    1. Jaime, there are so many projects on the list, each week is a juggle to decide what is most important in that moment... so often there are far more pressing needs, but we decided to just DO IT, because this will really help us with soil health/fertility which in turn increases yields and reduces pests...

      The never ending cycle of life :)