Sunday, 24 June 2012


I love seeing pictures of other people's homes - it helps me to connect them to their space and learn more about how they live.  Thought I'd share our place even though our renovations aren't complete and our land is far from how we want it to be just yet :)  Is it truly ever done?  I think not...

We live on 2.5 acres just 10 minutes from town.  We've been here nearly 3 years already!  Considering that we completely gutted the house inside and rebuilt it all including new siding, I think we're doing pretty well (especially considering that hubby did most of the work while working full time).  He is amazingly talented and we make a good team :)

Front and centre, halfway down the driveway.  Chicken coop is WAY in the back left corner, greenhouse attached to the carport/open bay on the left, garage and the house.  Front verandah and front door access (steps and walkway) is last to be done (next year).  The previous owners blocked it off to provide ramp access for a disabled child.  

To the right of the house - there's a fire pit and underground servicing for a second dwelling.  We may build a shop there one day.

Far left at the back - the chicken coop again with the garden in front of it, the hen run and orchard are front of that.

Greenhouse is attached to the carport, which is attached to the left side of the garage.  Garden on the left (coop in back corner).  White fabric is row covering to keep the cabbage moths off!

Turning right behind the greenhouse and walking behind the garage toward the house is my clothesline and the deck area (just being built so everything is a bit of mess).  

The deck and the access to the back door which is at the side of the house between the garage.

Front porch with a small table for morning coffee (facing east to greet the sun),  The hammock is shady and cool come afternoon when we need a break from working in the garden :)  Stack of base boarding and trim waiting to be installed in the basement when it rains - it's too nice out to be working indoors!


  1. Very nice! Your house looks brand new! I would've thought it was. Your husband did a good job! You are lucky to have that land and the greenhouse. Your garden looks perfect..good idea with the white cloth! I have lots of those cabbage moths flying around...I used to think they were pretty before I started planting!

    I remember when we first built our deck (although it has been replaced with just a patio now). It was so exciting to just walk out on it. love,andrea

  2. Thankyou for sharing an insight into your home and surrounds. You have all done so much work, the place looks great, well done.

  3. Toward the last half of the month I try to visit a few blogs I don't come to on a regular base or never been to before.
    I came over from Rhonda's “Down to Earth”...It seem like we're always doing something. Right now we don't have any Chickens...but I seen this cool chicken coop post some time ago on this blog called
    homesteadsurvival it was made from a back part of an old van.
    I see you use a clothes line but the last two June it been pretty rainy.
    Your hubby is doing a good job on your deck that one thing I could use also...Hope your day is going well and if you get chance to stop on in...the coffee is always on.

  4. What a lovely place!! I just found your blog and became a follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts! Hope you have a lovely week!!


  5. Great to see more of your lovely space...looks like you have all been so busy! I too don't think you ever are really finished when you own your own little space...always something we want to do!!
    That deck is looking times ahead there i think x

  6. What a lovely idea. Its great to put the little snippets into the overall perspective, and you have really done an amazing job. Like you, I suspect that we never sit back and think wow, that's all the jobs is a never-ending cycle really.

  7. You all have a very pretty spot! I love seeing where other people live and all their little projects, I think it helps give you ideas about what you can do at your own space. I might have to do this too, that is after hubby finally trims our hedges out front.

  8. I also love seeing the homes of other blogging friends. Through your photos, I now have a better idea of the layout of your place. You guys have done so much work. I'm about to start a big move and project myself. I will be sharing it with my blogging friends. Thanks again for sharing your life through the blog!