Thursday, 16 August 2012

The glorious season of the tomato

Here we go!  It's tomato time :)

The next 6 weeks or so will see us picking, chopping, roasting, simmering, canning and freezing our way through the onslaught of tomatoes.  We'll be taste testing and comparing our chosen varieties to see which one ranks the highest... stay tuned!

                             Assorted "first pick" tomatoes with Violetta beans

Cut up, seasoned and ready for roasting

on a sandwich (the first Brandywine!)

and simmering after roasting - for pizza sauce tonight :)

I'm excited now, but in a month I'll be SICK of processing tomatoes, I'm sure...  LOL!



  1. I love tomatoes and if I had to pick a favourite veg I would pick them. There isnt a week goes by where we dont have them! I only grew one tomato plant this year but have had some lovely tomatoes off it.

  2. Do you dry them as well? - I'm addicted to sun-dried tomatoes preserved in oil with herbs added.

    1. Yes, I have dried them, but I've never preserved them oil... I should, though because those are delicious :)

  3. Sherri it's been intersting to "watch" the tomatoes and other veg go from the dining room chairs to the greenhouse to maturity. Your short growing season is really astounding and now I understand why preserving is so important in your part of the world.

    I oven roast tomatoes -- 150-160C, lots of salt & pepper and a couple of hours. If you let them cool you can then pack them tightly in sterilised jars and top with oil.

  4. We ate our first Brandywine last week, and it was so tasty!We loved the texture, too.