Monday, 20 August 2012

All over the place

Oatmeal/kamut flake whole wheat cookies were in the oven early while I strolled outside to check on the garden (hence the slightly overcooked edges)...

  I am experimenting with grasses this year and am not disappointed.  They are drought tolerant and require no fertilizer or deadheading...  perfect for this hot sunny back deck.  

Paige is on an outdoor art extravaganza...  My garden is graced with signs and pictures galore thanks to a large haul of craft paint on FreeCycle.  What a cheery addition to the depressing weeds (wink).

We've noticed a tremendous amount of metamorphosis these days in this neck of the woods...  these beauties were hanging from the bottom edge of the siding at the back of the garage.  There's many more just like them...

Based on a little research, I believe the resultant butterfly is a Mourning Cloak.

I've also noticed that our tomato plants, when left unattended for *just* a few days can become feral and unruly.  They are rather like children, needing daily attention and guidance :)  I should have taken a picture BEFORE I harvested, but the camera wasn't with me, so I picked anyway and you can see here what is to come...  many more.

I'm full of happiness to report that my Hollyhock is at last blooming.  The blossoms look bright red in the photo, but they are a lovely deep burgundy/red in person.   I started this plant from seed last Spring and have patiently waited for this day.   It is SO rewarding to garden (sometimes)...  At 6 feet tall this plant is *still* racing for the heavens!  The spires are very stately and are CHOCK FULL of blooms.    This is quite literally, the beginning of my very own extravaganza of the blossom variety.  What a good week this will be watching them unfurl.  They look rather like hibiscus flowers, don't they?

On to more depressing news, just look at this forlorn collection of plants...   My $1.99 Blueberries and Saskatoons plus a few other plants are STILL awaiting planting.   They are languishing in the shade while I'm currently in a state that I like to call Planting Paralysis.    I have so many things to plant, I can't make my mind up where to put them and how best to form a suitable guild...   I change my mind like my socks (daily).  Tick, tick, tick....  time's running out!

So, I procrastinate further and head to the main garden where I am confronted by weeds so large they could be mistaken for intentional crops.  Ahem.  Lets not talk about that, shall we?

On a brighter note, the sunflowers that were planted to shade the greenhouse from late summer sun are doing their job nicely :)  Whew - at least something is going well!

Oh yes... I almost forgot.  We need a name for this fella.  Care to suggest something?  He's very handsome and with his fancy feathered feet, he needs a high class name.  He's a bit of a ninny, though... very much a 'Fraidy Cat. 

On to other chicken matters, the Barnevelders and Welsummers (now approximately 4 months old) have discovered how delicious fresh apples are in the most sneaky of ways...

This Norkent apple tree is in their run and is literally GROANING with apples...

Upon close inspection, it was discovered that the lower apples are all half eaten (on the lower side)!  

Just a quick, unorganized harvest today because the heat and bugs were a little too much for me...

Some tomatoes, apples, carrots, eggs, squash and beans (not pictured) made their way into the house.  The basket weighed nearly 10 pounds.  I heart grocery shopping on my property :)


  1. It all looks wonderful to me, don't worry about the weeds, chop them back almost to the ground (because it's a quick job) before they go to seed, and let them rot/dry out on the ground until you get around to planting, it should act as a bit of a compost/green manure, and if nothing else it will prevent soil from being washed or blown away in the next storm.

  2. Nothing beats going into your own back garden and picking your own food! You never get anything fresher than that do you?

  3. Hollyhocks are one of my favourite cottage garden flowers, and yours is a beauty. One thing you can always depend on to grow is the weeds, I am losing the battle with them. Coming back from the garden with your basket of fresh food is one of the most delightful things...a reward for all your hard work.

    High class names? There are lots - Cecil, Percy, Tarquin, Caspar, Lucian, Gideon, Jago, Willoughby, to mention but a few. There are lots more, but my brain is on a go-slow.

  4. Chanticleer of course!

    What a flourishing garden.

  5. I absolutely adore Holly Hocks....they are so old fashion, in my mind. I remember them from my childhood. Your tomato plants must really love their location in your greenhouse. Great post!

  6. Heathcliff the rooster. What a bountiful garden, put those plants in bigger pots if you have paralysis of the planting persuasion. Hate it when I kill nursery plants.

    1. LOL, no kidding, Kirsty!!!!! I'm watering them with the rain barrel water that sits right next to the plants, but that keeps them happy only for so long!