Thursday, 9 August 2012


Misty sunrises after nightly rains (oh yes, I'm trying to find beauty in too much rain)

Squash blossoms that exuberantly announce summer

Bees sunning themselves in the (very) early morning sun

Thrifted baskets to pretty up our deck (who gives those away?)

Humble potato flowers

A shirt full of eggs

The intricacy and perfection of the lowly cabbage (one of the surviving from the garden)

Oh yes, there is simple beauty all around...  

It's been a strange summer.  Crazy weather, strange garden happenings, unusual routines...  I'm feeling out of sorts these days, but a walk around the property as the morning sun shows her face always sets me to rights.

Oh yes, it does :)


  1. ...and there is beauty in this post. I love early mornings. I hope the rest of your day is as beautiful.

  2. The misty morning picture is awesome. Your cabbage is so large! Looks like things are picking up at your farm! Everything looks so nice, and you have at least one bee to help you! :)

  3. What beautiful photos. We're about to follow our dream and move to our 55 acres on the Central Coast of Queensland. We hope to do what you are doing - live more simply and in tune with nature. It's a bit scary, but exciting, too. We have 8 children - 7 coming with us. Lots of challenges. Lots of dreams.

    1. Oh, Marg - that sounds AWESOME! I wish you all the best with your move :)