Friday, 24 August 2012

In Every Color

Loving the colours coming in from the greenhouse!  Jaunne Flamme, Black Krim, Brandywine, Bonny Best, Roma (to name a few)...  

  These gorgeous Lindzer Deleketess potatoes are the first ones harvested and they are absolutely delicious....  so buttery and tender, an absolute favourite already!  I sliced and pan fried these in a little bit of Berkshire bacon fat, and oh BOY were they good!   We bought potato seed from here this year and were very happy with the quality of the seed and the service.  We'll definitely buy from them in future as we add more diversity to our growing plan.

Ours turned out a little mis-shapen, but as we have some compaction issues, it's not surprising...  we hope to remedy that as we continue working on improving our soil.

The carrots are coming in fast and furious as well... we all love the heritage, stump-rooted, French variety "Chantenay" (in the picture above) for their taste and texture and ease of growing in heavy, clayish soil.  They pick and peel so easily (due to their shape) and MOST importantly, they keep exceptionally well because of their beefy size.   We buy our seed from here and have been very pleased with their quality products and friendly service.  I am working on saving more seed each year (a new skill for me), but we will always be adding to our crop diversity and will continue to support this great company.  Thanks, John!

What are my fellow Northern Hemisphere readers harvesting right now?  Southern Hemisphere friends... what are you planting?


  1. Those tomatoes look gorgeous Sherri! We are about to sow some late peas direct and then in a mini-greenhouse lettuces, tomatoes, and othr spring plantings.

  2. All of that looks great! Those are the cutest carrots I ever did see! I've planted some radishes and carrots this week and some more green beans and English peas down here in South Alabama :)