Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That

Bringing homemade robots to the new exhibit at the Space and Science Centre!

Rhubarb Raspberry Crumble in the works...  best to use up my freezer berries before the new season of ripening. 

Identifying nesting birds in our sweet little house over the garden...

...we think they're Purple Martins and I'm sorry to say that we couldn't catch them on camera for you...

Weeding - OH the weeding!!!!

The task that I least like, provides a lovely fresh salad bar for the hens.

Those girls look with an (appreciative) eagle eye for worms in the clumps of dirt attached to the roots.  Priorities!

The simple pleasure of laundry on the line - something I never take for granted living in this Northern place. We LOVE the fresh summer smell of our sheets on Monday nights :)

and picnic lunch meetings... planning the afternoon's fun!  Oh yes, these early days of summer are jam packed full of fun, learning, working, making and even a little bit of resting :)


  1. Lots of sweet sites at your place :)

  2. Wow, look at all the dandelions. Now those are good eating!

  3. Becky, I will admit to never trying them! I dug them up from an area of our property that sees LOTS of dogs and coyotes, so I'm a little leery to try them with all the "marking" that goes on!

  4. I'm envious of your lifestyle but enthralled at the same time. We are just entering winter here in Melbourne (Aust) and we are bitterly cold at 12-16 degrees celcius during the day and a frosty 4-7 degrees in the morning. I can here you laughing from here. I saw snow once - I think I was 30 - many many years ago. I enjoy your blog for the things that are familiar and the extreme differences. Greetings from Down Under - Lynda.

  5. Was Becky3086 serious? Eating Dandelions! Or did she mean good eating for the chooks.

  6. Lynda, thanks! Those temps are NOT cold to us :) In fact, that's capri pants/shorts and t-shirt weather LOL... I could never stand the heat in Australia - I'd wilt! Anything over 25C is too warm for me :)

    Lots of people eat dandelion leaves as greens and I think even the roots as well but I'm not sure how they are prepared...

  7. I live in the city down south for 20 years but grew up on a self sufficient farm six hours north - Riverina, New South Wales. Just like you are doing, I come from a family of six kids and had a Super Mum who even today ,at 83, impacts all our lives daily. In summer we had weeks of 45 degrees with no break and as a red head with fair skin I paid the price , sunburnt constantly. In winter it was down to -3 degrees, fog, frost but no snow. I love trawling the blogs around the world and peaking into the lives of other women.

  8. How awesome, looks lik you guys are having a great start to summer!