Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life and Loss

Along with the joy and promise of new life comes a little sadness, too.

First, a wee mouse found lifeless on the driveway (courtesy of the cat) and second, a chick who died shortly after hatching out.  So hard for our kids who truly feel grief so acutely in their tender hearts.  The cycle of life teaches us so much...

In contrast, our morning walks through the trees look promising now - Spring really is here at long last!  Can you see the green haze of new leaves bursting forth?

Sadly, along with the leaves come weeds (carpets of them).

We eagerly anticipate the blossoms on this tree out front.  Every May, it bursts forth in white, sweet smelling flowers that announce officially the start of garden planting time. 

I'm hauling and collecting as many bricks and pavers as I can get my hands on through freecycle because I have grand plans for a cob oven aka Kevin Kossowan.  If you've never checked out his blog - DO IT!  His posts inspire me in so many ways and probably will for you, too.   Thanks, Kevin :)

With our attention turned out of doors of late, my inspiration for cooking has bottomed out.  My thought patterns and energy are both being diverted to other things (largely garden related), so we're tucking in to some simple nosh these days that doesn't take a lot of time to prepare.  While it's not exactly HOT out, we aren't much in the mood for warming meals, so things like Greek salad and Naan bread with some homemade guacamole slathered on top fits the bill quite nicely.  

What's your favourite warm weather meal that's easy to prepare?


  1. Yup, I want an oven like Kevin's too!

  2. Naan is one of my favorite breads. I slice cheese on top, pop it in the microwave, add fruit, and I have dinner! One of my favorite things to make in the summer is Gazpacho (cold soup). I have a wonderful recipe that I have used for years....maybe I will post about it when it gets really hot. I make a big is better the day after.

  3. I'd love to have your soup recipe... when you have time post it on your blog and I'll see it there :)

  4. Sorry about your little chickie :( Glad to see you have spring on the horizon, and yay! a cob oven is on my wish list, too! Your food looks delicious. We do a lot of cooking out on the grill in the warmer months, and my favorite thing in summer is Vietnamese spring rolls! So refreshing :)

  5. awe, poor chickie ( dont like mice ) We love naan bread here too, and actually simple things are the best!

  6. So sorry to hear of your chickie :(

    I just checked out the clip for the oven your interested in - looks great! I really enjoyed reading Kiko's book too when we were researching woodfired ovens. There is such a lot of inspiration online..have fun with this project, cooking in a woodfired oven takes food to a whole new level! ;)

  7. oops, just had to add, imagine your naan breads done in the oven..they'll be sensational!

    (We had homemade Mexican tortillas the other night made with masa lista cooked straight on the hot bricks..mmm, smoky goodness really and truly). xx