Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Hatch!

The chicks all started to pip this afternoon, and by 8:30pm, we noticed some little holes in some of the shells :)  

The first chick to hatch - a Welsummer

The Welsummer in the background is nearly out, and it's neighbour(foreground) is not long behind!

From the other side - finally emerging!

This sweet little chick stared right at us as if to say hello - so cute. 

And the cheeping!  Oh MY it's LOUD!  We've noticed that the cheeping is encouraging the other to make their way out of their shells...

What a sweet little baby bird...  just a few minutes old :)

More tomorrow - I'm sure we'll wake to an incubator FULL of chicks!


  1. Wow, congratulations! I've only ever used a broody to hatch mine but I guess you don't get pecked as much with an incubator! It's astonishing how they all arrive at the same time. Tiny chicks are the most adorable little things - I hope they all hatch and thrive :-)

  2. Congratulations. You make me want to get welsummers again. I really did love those birds.

  3. We now have 9 hatched out... more coming - I'll update later!

  4. What fantastic pics!!! So cute....such a blessing to be there watching right from the start...good luck with the rest!

  5. You must be so excited! The photos are great, too.