Thursday, 3 May 2012

A late Spring

I'm growing tired of waiting for the consistently warm weather (and green!) to arrive, so in a desperate attempt to bring some colour into this otherwise still brown landscape, 
we planted some pansies at the back door.  I just couldn't stand for one more day to look outside and still see only brown...  You can't imagine how much joy this little planter of pansies is giving me after 6 long months of winter!

On our morning walkabout with the dog, we are beginning to notice a few small 
signs of spring in the non-blooming plants such as lichen and moss.

 The robins are chirping and the grass is finally greening up just a little bit.

Even the fruit trees are showing signs of life which always makes me breathe a sigh of relief!

Reece is doing a great job of keeping the feeders full for the birds.  We've been working hard this year to encourage more songbirds to make their nests on our property.

This is the "second garden" and it received a healthy dose of manured straw weeks ago.  We'll be planting space hogs such as squash and pumpkins here (but not until June when the frost risk is gone).  

Our silly cat, Squeaker always follows us on our walks ~ so curious as to our business in his playground and sacred hunting territory. 

We came in, rosy cheeked and invigorated by the (cold) fresh air and what we saw...  tiny signs of life from this land that was deeply asleep until now.


  1. Very nice. Several of our cats like to follow us too.

  2. And here I have been fussing because we did not have a winter in South Alabama. Love those little signs of spring :)

  3. Wow, still cold this far into the year? It was 14C this morning and to me that's a sign that chilly temps are here to stay.

  4. Yeah, Rose - today's ambient temp was 5C but with a strong COLD wind and some rain it felt like -5C. Too chilly for me to work in the garden. Without the wind, I could have pulled it off, but those gusts felt like they were from the Arctic! I am SO ready for warm weather!