Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Week of Margin Means....

a whole book read - bliss!

attending a (favourite) author's talk at the library

a clean and (mostly) organized craft/sewing desk

5 months of filing caught up

time to teach my 8 year old to cross stitch (with a new condition $.79 thrift store stitchery kit!)

a dinner theatre evening out with my husband, our son and his fiancee

cuddles with the cat and my kids in front of the fireplace

a hot shower each morning with the drain plugged to soak my feet in epsom salt water scented with essential oils

2 trips to the library just because the kids asked to go.... again :)

pacing myself with harvest  (slow and steady wins the race)

an extra visit with my Grandmother

time to call a few friends that I've neglected in recent months...

time to think

time to rest

time to breathe and do nothing...

I'm rejuvenated, but not fully...  one week won't make up for a whole summer of neglect.

I've learned my lesson, oh yes indeed....  


  1. Good for you Sherri, that's an impressive list.

  2. sounds like a perfect week too me.


  3. Glad you got some margin built in to your last week. It is such a challenge for me as there are always things that need doing. However, if i don't allow myself enough, I have a hard time with everything!


  4. Oh, yes... time off is so needed, even with the busy life of being a mom, home keeper and provider. Glad you got some down time. Make sure you don't go so long without next time!

  5. Take a bow. Well done for finding some time and thanks for the gorgeous photos. Hope you keep the zen...