Friday, 7 October 2011

Sewing and Knitting Inspiration

I lucked out yesterday at the second hand store and found a box full of old trim and lace for $1.70!   It's all gorgeous and so incredibly well made - nothing like what you find in stores today.  I'm on cloud 9 to have found it :)

As well, I found 5 pair of knitting needles for $.49 cents/pair.  I have only one size at home as I'm a new knitter, but I have lofty plans for this winter!  I'm set on improving my skills and my ability to follow a pattern.  Right now, I feel very mechanical when I knit - it isn't the slightest bit relaxing for me just yet - I find it very stressful and my shoulders are always way up high around my ears, lol.  In time, I'm sure I'll relax once I get the hang of it...

Also, I purchased was this roll of cotton jersey fabric in a bright pink color - perfect for making some pajamas for Paige.  $3.99 was a good price given that there's enough fabric for 2 pair if I lay the pattern out carefully.

This 100% cotton sheet also made it's way home with me for 99 cents.   It's a very thick cotton with a high thread count and it looks as if it has never been used.  I couldn't buy yardage of high quality cotton in the stores for what I paid for this sheet and I'm sure I can use the fabric for all sorts of things - an apron, some napkins, perhaps a nightie for Paige with some of that lovely trim... the possibilities are endless.

I love finding items at the thrift store that I can repurpose into other things.  I ran out of time to look further, but I spied some good quality men's brushed cotton and cotton sateen dress shirts that were gorgeous - I could easily see those cut up into usable pieces of fabric for napkins, etc...  I must get back there!

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  1. Hi there, your laces and fabric are beautiful; what a clever idea to reuse the fabric!!
    Jilly oxo