Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Humble Assistant

I found this wire basket kicking around the house not doing much of anything useful, so I put it to good use last week as my sink assistant.  I love it! 

I hang my kitchen wiping cloth from it and I finally have a decent place to dry my washed food storage bags.  I re-use zipper close plastic bags and foodsaver bags as long as they haven't had raw meat or something really messy in them.  After washing, it was always a pain to have the bags hanging from my cupboard door handles, as they were always falling off.  They dried well upside down over the tap but as we use the water 5 bazillion times/day, the bags were always in the way and forever tossed to the side where they stayed wet and in the way on the counter.   This basket is perfect to keep them open, elevated and upside down.  I also hang my spray bottle of homemade Nellymary's Citrus Cleaner so it's really handy when I need it.

As I've said many times before, I view my kitchen a working room so I prefer my tools to be within reach.  I love the look of clean uncluttered spaces, but I much prefer living and working in a kitchen where things are at my fingertips when I need them.   I also LOVE that by re-purposing something I already owned, I was able to make my kitchen more functional without spending a penny :)


  1. I have four plastic bags sitting on the window sill at the moment drying. Yours is a better idea,



  2. Thanks for the link for the citrus cleaner. I am going to give that a try!


  3. Good find and how amazing is that cleaner? I've done a bit of a re-arrange on your advice and it has made things easier. Less running around...although I have to spend time thinking about where things are now LOL. Alison

  4. Alison, soon it will all be second nature and you own't be fumbling and thinking anymore - you'll just reach and what you want will be there! :)