Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More On Finding Margin...

"Why of course you can paint your pumpkins now!" I replied with great aplomb...  they all paused and looked at each other out of the corners of their eyes, not knowing if I was serious (it's been a seriously hard week and they had been asking for days on end to do it and I kept saying "no, we've got too many things to do first!")  Ouch.  Major creativity drain....

When my twinkly eyes showed my earnest enthusiasm, the children scurried to get paints, aprons, water and art mats (pronto).  

To nurture MY creative side, I whisked away the canning supplies (it was TIME) and I made a pie.  All I've done in the kitchen for WEEKS is canning and preserving and I'm oh so weary of it.  I was craving a yummy, gooey apple something so I pulled out this book

and made this..... oh it was good!

 This fantastic old cookbook was a wonderful thrift store find a few months ago.  It's actually a really interesting read as the author grew up Mennonite and peppered the book with stories and memories... a very enjoyable read and the recipes are excellent.  I've wanted to get cracking and make some serious dishes from this book but kept "back burner simmering" the desire as I gardened and canned.  Enough!

And then.... I went to my 2 favourite places.  Alone :)  The library for peace and inspiration and the thrift shop for fun.  I found just that in this little darling...

This vintage tablecloth is made of high quality linen and it feels so incredible!  The shadowing you see on it isn't there in person... it's in pristine condition and will make a wonderful addition to my collection of vintage tablecloths.  A treat for me, oh yes, but I'm also inspired to return to our fall and winter daily routine of afternoon tea (with Grandma's fancy china!).

Next up was my closet.  I ripped everything out of it.  Every Single Thing.  I had diligently put the children's fall and winter clothes out a while back and made sure that their closets were ready for the coming season, but true to my usual ways, I neglected to do the same for me.  I was struggling to dress each day and it was more than time to take care of my needs.  I craved a tidy, clean, colourful organized closet and boy howdy, I got it!

I purged like a madwoman and it feels so good to pare down.  I kept only what I love and WEAR, laundered it all, and neatly organized my entire closet by color.  Such a gift to myself to be able to open my closet each morning and find clean, fresh smelling clothes that fit, look good and coordinate well.  There is space to breathe and space to see what I have to wear (such a great start to the day!).

I ended up with a bag of clothes to freecycle (they were picked up in an hour!) and a bag of clothes for re-purposing/upcycling.  I predict many an interesting sewing project in the near future....

....but you'll have to stay tuned for that :)


  1. I so need to clear out my closet, but am afraid I will have nothing left to wear if I do!!!

    The painted pumpkins look cute,


  2. Painted pumpkins... how fun!

    And I need to do a closet clean out. Now that that I'm home full time and not working, I don't need the nicer work clothes. I need good work at home clothes. Also, as winter approaches, I need to figure out if I have enough layer-able clothes. True, its only a few months, but in those months, the house heats to 60', and that requires 2 or 3 layers for me. I'm also working to figure out the Peanut winter wardrobe, as he needs those layers, too!

  3. Thanks, I found a freecycle near me - just have to work out the best way to access the information now! It's been one of those weeks - balance is a very fine thing indeed! Glad you had some moments for you.

  4. hi
    your painted pumpkin looks great!lovely tablecloth
    and a wonderful old cookbook. i love old cookbooks
    now my answer on your question about drying carrots......yes,the carrots need a blanch before
    you they dried.It's better.I hope I have helped answer of your question.Sorry I am a bit late,but
    I am ill!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    blessings regina