Sunday, 2 October 2011

I Caved In And Tried It

Baking soda and water for hair washing.
Vinegar, water and rosemary essential oil for rinsing. 
Handmade soap on the right (which I've used for hair washing and like).
All natural - no harsh chemicals to irritate my (sensitive) skin. 
Ultra frugal.

The jury is out!   I'll post back soon with results...


  1. I'll be interested in hearing from the jury! Because it sure would save alot of money plus it is so simple. I don't think God made us to be such complicated creatures that we need this and that to make us look good! ha. love,andrea

  2. I've used the baking soda combined with shampoo before to help get rid of product build-up, so I think the baking soda is a good idea. Yes, I would be interested to know how it works! Ultra frugal is good!

  3. I haven't used shampoo or anything on my hair for a few years now. I just wash it under the shower, a few times a week. Works for me so I'll be interested in how you go without the shampoo too.


  4. Hi Sherrie...I don't use Baking Soda as a wash, as I have my natural soap which I make from Olive Oil and Rendered Beef Fat....My rinse is Vinegar and the Citrus Cleaner, but sprigs of Rosemary....into a spray bottle and I spray my hair after rinsing the soap from my hair. I can leave it in or rinse it out....doesn't make any difference...but it certainly is good for a detangle. I've even sprayed the Rosemary Vinegar on my hair during the day, if it's been windy and I need a comb through.
    Hope your Bi-Carb works for you....looking forward to the Jury verdict.