Saturday, 8 October 2011

Holy Big Carrots Bat Man!


Apparently, our carrots were rather happy this year.... we're pleased that they did well in spite of not thinning them as diligently as I'd hoped to.  We planted the seeds, thinned and weeded just once or twice and totally ignored them for the rest of the growing season.   Carrots are so easy to grow and have such a satisfying end result.

The shorter carrots are Chantenay - a French heritage carrot grown by the original settlers/homesteaders here in Canada.  They were extremely valuable to these early Canadians as they grew well in heavy soil (being short and stocky in stature).  The longer ones are are Scarlet Nantes, I think - I've totally forgotten what I planted, and my markers were all mixed up due my little ones "helping" in the garden :)

In spite of our carrots being very large this year, they are sweet, juicy and oh so tender - we've been peeling and cutting them up for the fridge to have on hand as easy snacks for the week and we can't stop munching on them - so delicious and juicy!

The chickens were "helping" me harvest today - fighting over the worms I dug up with the carrots...   totally in the way, but hilariously funny...  comic relief for a tired gardener :)

This 5 gallon bucket represents about 1/50th of what is left to harvest...  oh, my aching back.... it's going to be a long weekend, lol.


  1. I also grew the Chantenay... love the flavor. My chickens are always "helping" me too! They all come running whenever I pick up a shovel or garden fork.

  2. Wow, they're enormous! I've tried growing the Chantenays before although they were nowhere near as large as yours. You're also tempting me with the Scarlet Nantes..I've eyed the seed packets off but have never gone there. Happy munching. :)

  3. hi
    nice harvest of carrots.the carrots looks wonderful.
    have a nice week,