Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Shire Named Romeo

We had a busy day planned yesterday, with little time for margin, but we bent with the wind when we received a spontaneous invitation from our farming friends to come and ride their new Shire, Romeo.  Out the door we went (leaving schoolbooks where they sat) to head to the farm.

Romeo is still a young horse and at not quite 2, he still has a ways to grow.  He's gentle, kind and very peaceful - an absolutely beautiful horse with a tremendously calm disposition.  My friend is over the moon with her new love (aptly named Romeo).

We had a wonderful time and the kids LOVED every minute of it!  We even had an impromptu history lesson as we were able to learn a bit about Shire horses.  Did you know that Shires were used by knights in battle because they could easily carry 500lbs of soldier, sword and armour?  A force to be reckoned with as it was said that no one stood a chance if a charge of Shires were coming at you in battle.  Apparently, the ground literally shook like an earthquake when these large horses fully loaded for battle were charging at you.  Makes me glad to live in this century!

All in all a busy day filled with school lessons, ballroom dance, gardening, horse and farm, classical ballet, laundry, piano practice and bread baking.

Oh, yes, and a little bit of caffeine to get me through!    :)


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful horse, and to think it still is growing. I've only seen this type of horse in my home-town parades when I was little.

  2. How very fun! And a great history lesson that isn't likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

    I'm hoping to start back on coffee in the next few months, at least decaff. Ah... what a beautiful looking drink.