Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hard frosts are just around the corner.  It's hard to believe with the hot sunny weather we've enjoyed all week, but I know all to well that this is the "calm before the storm".  Soon, my breath will be a cloud of white as I crunch across frozen ground to feed the chickens.  Soon... but not yet....

I had the kids pull our onions and bring them all up to the deck to cure in the sun for a few days.  I'm told this helps them keep better.   Is that so?  I've never had enough onions to actually store any...

I plan to hang the onions in braids so I can just cut off a few as I need them.  Have any of you done this?  Do you have any tried and true tips for keeping onions?

Do share!

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  1. I love year I will plant more. I just used mine as they grew. I remember a neighbor who canned and dried garden produce and I just remember onions hanging in their cool cellar. I do remember something set in sand in barrels, but I can't remember what was in those! love,andrea p.s...this looks like a good website for that: