Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Field Trip!

We love to attend the Harvest Festival at the Reynolds Museum here in Alberta.  Every Labour Day long weekend, they put on a big "shin-dig" to celebrate the harvest coming in.  Celebrate they did with a spectacular heritage steam engine display!   

We saw all sorts of working farm equipment and many household machines all powered by steam.  My favourite (hands down) was the washing machine display.  I was imagining what it would be like to do our family laundry with those machines and I certainly came home very thankful to have my modern washer and dryer :)

There was also plenty of focus on wheat (from field to table) and the aroma of fresh baked bread was wafting through the museum all day.  Visitors had the chance to stand inside a grain elevator and learn how it worked first hand to receive and distribute grain.

Kelly was especially happy to see the old tractors lovingly restored and in perfect working order.  They were proudly putting around through the crowds - absolute showpieces!

As we are studying James Watt this term, this field trip was the perfect launching point for our homeschool year and just plain fun for the whole family :)


  1. Fun and educational! My grandma had a ringer washer. Once I asked her "why" and she said that is what she knows how to do and she likes it! (She had 9 kids....and still had the washer up to the 1980's) love,andrea

  2. I love going to events like this.

    My father has formed a Yesteryear Club in his home town and this involves all the goodies from yesteryear. He restores machinery mainly, and he adores old tractors...

    I nearly bought a wringer washing machine at a auction a few years ago. It was in brand new condition but sold for too much!