Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Textile Indecision

Fabric is a demanding mistress.  I know full well that my time with her is short, so I've got to make the most of it.  Our cold winters give me permission to frolic a bit with this demanding mistress of mine and it's such a welcome break after all those months of hard work in the garden and kitchen.  By September, I was dreaming (fantasizing?) of the day when I could putter with my "mistress" in my sewing room.  The time has come, but I'm a wee bit paralyzed with all the choices!

 I've had this gorgeous Rooster fabric in my stash for many moons...  but I couldn't commit to what to make with it.  I flip flopped my decision over and over... I'm now thinking about making another reversible apron, but perhaps that isn't the best way to show off these handsome fellas...  Ideas for me out there in blog land???

Loving the recent find of 2 vintage sheets at the thrift shop but once again, I'm having a terrible time deciding what to make out of them... decisions, decisions...  do you ever have that problem or is it just me?  I want the "perfect" project for them, but alas that doesn't exist.  Perfection has no place in my home so why would I demand it of my fabric?

The yellows and the brown/blacks were recently transformed into reversible napkins. I love the weight and sturdiness of double thickness reversible napkins - so much nicer than singles.

How can fabric be so inspiring and yet so paralytic?  Anyone???  Help!


  1. I have that problem too, though mainly because I'm a very inexperienced seamstress and I have this "what if I mess it up" fear...I just have to remind myself that it's not the end of the world if I do. :)

  2. I am drooling over those lovely fabrics! Once I have changed my jumper I'll have a think. Fabulous stash.

  3. I could see the rooster fabric as a seat cover on a kitchen stool, or valance in kitchen windows. Or a cover for a toaster or other gadget that sits out on the kitchen counter. It would also make a beautiful table runner to use for Saturday or Sunday breakfast with bright white dishes. That's all I've got for the moment. Nice stash of fabrics.

  4. I'm voting for the Roosters to adorn outdoor chairs in summer as cushions. I love the golds, rusts and greens. Would really complement the garden in high summer.

    1. Oh! And don't forget russet piping. Looking the chooks!

  5. Love the idea of the roosters on chairs!Great collection there...i am a little the same with kids fabrics at the moment...often don't know where to start and then i find more that i 'have' to have!
    Have fun deciding!!

  6. When I first happened upon your blog, you were posting about those lovely aprons you made, and I remember thinking that you had picked just the perfect fabric for them! Don't think you could go wrong in your choices--you seem to have a knack for it :)

    I had the same thought as Meggie on the rooster fabric making a beautiful table runner or small set of curtains. And I've always wanted to make a rag rug out of pretty vintage sheets, so that's perhaps what I would do with those unless they're in much too good of shape to cut up....


  7. I'm dealing with my rather large stash of fabric at the moment also...having to clean out my craft room turned storage disaster for basement renos ( see my blog for photos)...I'm having to decide what I will actually use and what I have 'outgrown'. I love your rooster print...(I collect chickens and roosters)...I'd use it for placemats or an apron, or maybe a tea cozy. It would depend on how much of it you have. Good luck with it all!

  8. I like your combinations! I have been looking/dreaming over fabric...all day yesterday in fact. (online looking, I decided that is easier then walking around the fabric store like I did two days ago!) I can't sew well, so I am sticking to baby bonnets, aprons, and next a tote bag for my daughter....oh,,,and coasters for setting a glass on...with fabric scraps. Best to get this done before planting time! love,andrea

  9. I just love the roosters... gorgeous!

  10. Fabric is a living thing. It doesn't like to be left hidden away in a stash. Fabric begs to be made into something (anything) that will allow it to be useful and kept closer to it's human companions. When fabric has outlived it's current use, it begs to be recycled into something new. Sheets beg to become curtains or aprons. Aprons and curtains beg to become tea towels and napkins. Tea towels and napkins beg to become a part of a quilt to be loved for years to come. Even mis-cut fabric is happy to be made into something. Get the idea? Fabric does not like to cause anxiety about cutting it. Fabric begs you to stop feeling the fear. The fabric will thank you by becoming an item you can enjoy looking at and using until the day it becomes something entirely different.

  11. Love your collection of fabric! Does one of them have "minnesota grown" printed on it? My home state!


  12. I love your rooster fabric. Do you know who made it. I am making new curtain for my kitchen and the fabric is just the right colors for me.