Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One More Day

We push through lessons and try to not lose momentum as the days drag on into one long stretch of white.  It's harder it seems, to focus now.  

Temperatures rise and fall pulling us hopeful toward Spring.... but suddenly (and roughly), we are shoved back into Winter.   The snow falls heavy and wet now and I grow tired of the tangle of coats, boots, mitts and slush at the back door.  I sop it up with a weariness that only northerers know...

The day now dawns orange and fills the kitchen with a warm glow that makes me tingle...

After the grey & white of winter, orange means warm and that is what we so desperately crave...

...and just when I feel like I'm not going to make it ONE more day, a letter appears to make it all good again.


  1. How lovely.....I would be framing that recipe!

  2. Oh so sweet. Kids are so generous with affection, something its hard to remember as a grown-up.

  3. This must have made your day...! Kids are a bliss.

  4. So, so gorgeous....what a lucky mum you are! I do hope you get more warm weather your way soon though!

  5. Kids are great!!! They add sunshine to our dreary winter days. Being in Minnnesota, we have had a very mild winter; but for some reason it is really starting to feel long...