Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vintage Thread Love

Have you ever handled vintage thread?  My, my, my...  such quality.  Even the best shop brands pale in comparison to this lovely stuff... and the wooden spools?



 I was given Grandma's sewing kit when she moved 2 years ago.   She can't see well enough (at nearly 92!) plus she has us to mend for her now  :)

Even the pins are better quality.  Straight as an arrow, strong, sturdy and serviceable.  Nothing at the shops comes even remotely close.  

That's it - I'm on a quest for vintage sewing supplies...  thrift shops, here I come!


  1. You have peaked my interest in vintage sewing notions. I have several measuring tapes and all but one are stamped China. The oldest one has "Made in Japan" on it. Keep us posted on what you find.

  2. I agree. These items are the building blocks of sewing, yet what we find in the stores are so cheap(quality) and flimsy. I am not the most cheerful seamstress; especially when I mend something, I am not happy when the thread doesn't hold it. love,andrea

  3. Me too. I bought 25 wooden spools of thread on Friday~for $2.50! I have the vintage love thing too, and plan an upcoming post about it~


  4. I love wooden spools! I pick them up here and there when I find them and make garland for the Christmas tree. At some point I'll post about them...I just saw what Humble wife wrote about posting too lol I think you either love vintage or you don't, sounds like we are a bunch of vintage loving ladies!!! What a treat to have your grandma's sewing kit. Good luck on your search :)

  5. There's something to be said for pure quality...and vintage sewing supplies are right up there with quality...I recently found a 4 litre icecream container of vintage timber thread spools at a garage sale...$2....she even said that she should be paying me to get rid of them for her...$2 was soooo worth it....some people just don't get the sheer beauty of quality...even if it is old.