Monday, 23 January 2012

Meeting Needs

One of my goals for 2012 is to make more of the items we need.  I'm slowly breaking the habit of heading to the store when we need something - instead, I'm heading downstairs to the sewing table to try to create something to serve the purpose - like Grandma used to do :)

I created this tea cozy by loosely following a Christmas patterned one that I already had.  
I used leftover fabric from the apron I made for myself a few weeks back and I insulated it with new cotton quilt batting that I bought at the second hand shop recently.

 Next up was pot holders.  Mine are so stained from years of use and thin from much laundering.   These new ones were lined with flannel from an old baby receiving blanket simply cut into squares and stacked until the thickness felt right.

 I quilted in straight lines, along the lines of the fabric, so the whole project was pretty quick.  The hardest part was the bias binding, but I'm slowly getting the hang of that.  Practice, practice, practice ~ I'm not sure how to make mitred corners though...

It feels really good to make instead of buy.  Control over materials used, cost and function... it all adds up to produce a quality end result that brings great satisfaction!


  1. You have inspired me to make potholders. I've had a pattern for a couple of weeks. Like you, my one pair are getting so thin from years of use.
    Great job on using what you already have!

  2. What lovely even quilting lines on the back of your pot holders. I don't know how to mitre corners either, but I always 'Google' things when I don't know how to do them. Seems you can find instructions for anything on You Tube.

  3. Your tea cozy is lovely!


  4. Beautiful work! It really is so much more satisfying to see the work of your own hands in everyday items.

  5. Very pretty and such good should be proud.
    Something handmade is so much more special than store bought...blessings

  6. I love the material...and lovely sewing too....Your so clever!