Friday, 6 January 2012


Staying on top of mending has never been a strength of mine.  Once again, I procrastinate and when I finally get to it, usually the children have outgrown the clothes! I challenged myself to do it yesterday before the pile got any bigger...

                                           a missing button back in place

                                     my very first attempt at darning a sock

                                                 hubby's sweater repaired

 This old blue heating pad cover was pilled and stained and reminded me of a hospital,

                                      so a new one was made.  Much better :)

          At long last, a decent hem job on my new jeans that I bought in the FALL!

Overcoming procrastination is a huge challenge for me.  I have lots of good intentions, but never see them through, so it's high time I broke that habit!

Have you done something "hard" today?


  1. You asked the question...yes, I did. But mine was physical. Several times today, I wanted to quit and finish another day. I raked smooth 4 tons of gravel in my garden walkways.
    I like you heating pad cover. Mine looks like your old cover!

  2. Way to go, Meggie!!!! It feels so good to push through and finish something doesn't it? I have done that work of smoothing and hauling rock, and BOY is it tough. Lots of resistance! Well done, you :)

  3. well you've inspired me, off to the mending basket i go!!!!

  4. Beautiful heating pad cover!

    And, wow, Meggie, that's amazing!


  5. I dislike mending too. Takes me a while to get to it.