Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Work Than Day

I can already feel a nip in the air.  It's decidedly still summer, but as soon as the calendar turns to August, there is always an unmistakable change in the feel of the air.  It's cooler somehow in spite of the thermometer still registering summer temperatures ~ it's most noticeable in the evenings and early mornings.  Even on a hot sunny day, the house cools down quickly in the evening and stays nice and cool right through the night and into mid morning.  It's a sign that we notice every year - summer is nearing it's end.  Already.  *Sigh*

With this little warning sign, comes a flurry of activity!  There's plenty of time before winter sets in, but it does make a person snap to attention and cram all the outdoor fun and chores in that one can while it's still summer!  Wednesday found us making yet another 25 jars of raspberry jam...

 and a raspberry pie with the free berries from Tuesday's picking.

I have much to put up still!  50lbs of organic sweet cherries are clogging up my fridges and I have an offer (that I can't pass up) to pick local sour cherries for free.

There's sheds to paint...

... a 3 sided greenhouse to design and build on this south facing wall of the carport

...and a little more outdoor trim painting to finish.

I need to get more of my fall crops in the ground...

... and weed yet again. 

There's more work than day (if you know what I mean)... always more work than day!

lol :)



  1. The weeding never ends, does it. I love the look of all that raspberry jam and that pie! Well, it looks delicious. Good luck with your fall planting.

  2. Thank, Rhonda :) Yes, the pie was good - it was cut into before I cold take a picture of it and devoured before the day was out. Must make another!