Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Busy Break...

As summer winds down, I'm feeling a sense of urgent obligation to not waste a single drop of what's left of the season.  In light of that, I'm taking a short blogging break to tend to both my family and the garden :)  I'll be back sporadically over the next 2 weeks in between picking, blanching, field tripping, relaxing, canning and weeding.

See you before the month is out!


  1. Enjoy your little break Sherri. I'll miss your posts but you deserve a bit of time off.


  2. Yes, we all need a break from blogging once in a have done so well, since starting your blog....I don't think your 'break' will be such a break though with all that preserving going on....
    Happy Canning, we will see you back when ever you pop in.