Friday, 12 August 2011

Filling Up The Freezer With Fruit

Another call yesterday to pick free raspberries yielded a huge haul.  I'm all out of energy for jam making, and as we do have our quota of jam for the year, they were frozen on cookie sheets and popped into ziplock bags for winter smoothies and baking.

Blueberries are now in season and are much cheaper at the stores, so I bought some for freezing.  We use a lot them in blueberry muffins and pancakes through the winter, so they will come in very handy during the snowy months.

These 2 Evans cherries are HALF of the sum total of our cherry harvest this year, lol.  Our tree is young and not yet producing the quantities we need (understatement), but these 2 token berries represent the promise of future harvests.  Let's hope that next year the tree will be loaded!  I hear that these sour cherries make incredible pies and jams that have a complex rich flavour.  Can't wait to taste that.  Excuse the dirty gardening fingers!

I checked on the fruit trees this morning and the apples are looking really good - close to harvest!  I'm eager to get these apples into the basement fridge for fresh fall eating.  I don't think we'll have enough for processing this year as our trees are still young, but I'll be sure to have my neighbour bring me some from the Okanagan for pies and applesauce.  Can't live without fresh homemade apple pie in autumn...

It's hard to believe that the autumn months are just around the corner.  This has been the fastest summer of my life.  I've never worked harder in any garden ever, and time has literally whizzed by me.  Thankfully, the work has meant that we have a decent supply of organic food for the winter.  For this, I am grateful for.


  1. Wow! You are blessed in abundance of fruit! And at least the cherries look perfect! love,andrea

  2. dear sherrie,
    how wonderful,you have blueberries in the freezer.
    here in my country they are very expensive.your cherries looks good and the apple,too.i love also applesauce.the next week,will i make applesauce,apple-jelly and maybe applecake.but this week wait tomatoes and plum from the market,so i will make sauce from the tomatoes and jam from the plums,the rest will i freeze.i hope you understand my's not perfect.i can better read as write in english.
    have a wonderful time,
    love regina