Friday, 30 November 2012

The Last Days In November

Winter's pink glowing skies are pretty to look at but the bitter cold temperatures have me working cozily indoors...  I've been writing Christmas cards and letters, addressing the envelopes and tucking pictures in to send all around the world.  I know that not many people send paper greetings these days, but that's exactly WHY I do it.  It's so nice to get a lovely handwritten card in the mail...  I LOVE receiving newsy letters and cards, so I keep up the tradition and send them out each year.

We've also been making lists ~ SO many lists!

We have grand plans to make this Christmas season one of FUN experiences as a family  (and a little less about gifts).  As we have slowly transitioned to a simpler lifestyle (with less emphasis on spending and more emphasis on doing) the retail frenzy that surrounds us at this time of year feels so.... assaulting.  I'm nearly done with my seasonal errands and shopping, so December can be all about decorating the house, baking and having fun with the family.

Kitty helps me in his usual way, purring and getting his wet, muddy paw prints all over everything :)  He is SO naughty but we love him anyways...

Meanwhile (on this simple living journey), regardless of Christmas plans and holiday preparations, bread still needs to be made, meals need to be cooked, chores need to be attended to...  the daily rhythm continues. 

On a bright red note, I was delighted to receive this large FREE poinsettia recently as an offer with purchase at our local Superstore (grocery store).  I always shop there because of their consistently low prices and good selection, but also, because every week, they have a different gift with each qualifying purchase.   Many weeks, that gift is a $25.00 gift card, but sometimes, the gift is an actual item.  This one is cheery indeed :)


  1. Sherri the sunset photo is EXACTLY what I imagined in when, in Anne of Green Gables, Dianna comes to fetch Anne when Minnie May is sick one winter.

  2. That is such a GREAT book, isn't it? One of the absolute best parts of living here (by far) is the sky. It's totally commonplace to see skies like this. :)

  3. I wish we had a Superstore close to us. I love that photo of the little one, so cute.

    Super sky photo also,