Friday, 2 November 2012

Current Fascinations

Oh yes indeed, my number ONE current fascination is our gorgeous little Grand-daughter.....  in between precious, frequent sessions of gazing at her adorable little face, I'm working on my course material (albeit distractedly!).  

One of my assignments is a soil sedimentation test from 2 weeks ago.  The results are rather surprising.  We have a lot of clay here in Alberta, and this test sure confirms that!  Sand is at the bottom (about 2cm worth), black silt is on top of that and clay is the largest layer on top.  The water is STILL murky with suspended clay particles, but if you look VERY closely, you can see the top of the clay layer in the murky water.  As it's STILL not fully settled out after 2+ weeks, that layer is still growing.  

 I'm humbled by the sheer volume of information about the elaborate ecosystem within our soil and I have begun to realize how every living thing on the planet is somehow dependent upon it.  That fact serves to clearly illustrate the urgent need to both protect and preserve this precious, life giving resource.


  1. One thing about having Penny come join your family is that all your children will begin to realize just how much they as individuals mean to you and blessed and beloved they were when they were babies.
    You Little Rippa, Penny!

  2. I would not be able to take my eyes off her either.

    That's interesting about your soil. We have good soil where we live, we are lucky.


  3. Beautiful, beautiful must be so besotted right now!

  4. Thank you, everyone... I am beside myself with happiness!!!!!!!!! Penny is so precious and I am SO thankful that we live close enough to see her frequently... we are truly besotted, YES. Hook, line and sinker as my Dad says.... :)