Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I love the warm glow of early Autumn's light.  I'm savouring it, because soon, winter will cast it's frigid blue. 

Fall means hearty meals full of the garden's late offerings....  so satisfying to have a pot full of my hard work on the stove.  There is NOTHING like that feeling, is there?

Pot roasts sear and fill the house with the promise of a warming meal at the end of a long day working outside...

...and Carmel Apple Pies (made with hail damaged apples from our tree) remind everyone to leave room for dessert :)

 Back home in BC, Spring was my favourite, but here, in Alberta, Fall has my heart.


  1. I'd love a slice of your apple pie if there is any going spare.

  2. I love Fall too!!! And crockpot weather :)

  3. oh goodness...now you have me wishing our Winter wouldn't leave...we have entered our Spring now so it's funny to hear you talk about the opposite!!
    Those lovely pics have made me hungry...and with an urge to bake x

  4. Thankyou for your kind words, I will miss visiting you.
    I will keep your blog address if I ever come back. I am just nostalgic for living before the computer days I guess!
    Your food looks so good!! I wish I was related to you and could stop over for some :)