Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shed makeovers

Since the day we moved into this house, the sight of the 2 sheds at the back of the house made me crazy.  I have no before picture (a shame, but I hated the sight of the them and never took a picture), so you'll have to trust me when I say that they were in BAD condition.  The doors were made of OSB (oriented strand board) and they had been exposed to the weather for enough years that they were quite literally rotten and had partially disintegrated.  On top of it all, both sheds were leaning in different directions, slowly returning to the earth.  We were tempted to simply tear them down and rebuild, but after close inspection, we figured we could get another 5 or more years out of them, if we spruced them up a bit.  

Below, you can see Kelly's handiwork this summer... first up was to square the structures up using a jack and some concrete blocks.   Then, he tore off all the rotten doors and trim boards and made and installed new plywood doors.   You can see the fascia board at the front - there's no stain left on most of them!  So worn out.

Next came my part of the equation...  paint!  I had enough paint leftover from the house renovation to complete nearly all of the job so that was a great help for the budget.   The base colour is colour matched to the siding of the house, and the trim paint is the same as what's around the doors on the house.  The dark grey door paint is again, mimicking the exterior house doors.  

Unfortunately, after painting, we noticed that there is a warp on the outer layer of plywood on the right door...   I didn't notice it until after I painted the first coat.  It's not visible up close, but from a distance, it sure is!  It's too late in the year to change that out as the night time temperatures are too cold now to cure paint (and we may not bother replacing that door seeing as the sheds won't last us for too many more years anyways).

Here's the view of both sheds together from toward the north side of the yard...  I didn't pain the north side of either shed as those sides aren't visible from any of the main traffic areas of the house/yard.  If you can see the state of the roof on the tractor (big) shed, you'll know why I don't want to invest the money in paint for that!  

They definitely aren't perfect, but they are a whole lot better than they were.  We see these two sheds EVERY time we walk to the garden, the clothesline, the chickens and even to the house from the car.  They are highly visible and were a total eyesore!

Next up are some "pretty" additions...  I've got brackets for hanging baskets and some lined, wrought iron flower boxes that I found at the thrift store last month for just a few dollars!

Stay tuned....


  1. Oh wow...they look great! I can just see them with your baskets and a few flowers! You did an excellent job....and i like their old world charm to be honest!!!

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  3. Nice job on the repairs, I love fixing things up for reuseable purposes!

  4. Just popped by from rhonda's blog and I just thought i'd say, your blog is really interesting.

    Love the sheds