Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Scenes

Early this morning, as I had my first strong tea with my blog land visits, Paige and teddy decided to learn some new languages tucked up into my bed :)  Teddy looks rather pleased with himself, doesn't he?  He must have earned an "A", the clever chap.

With a smile on my face, I took my second cup of tea out to the front verandah to see this.   These mornings are numbered...  soon, the frost will make outdoor morning teas a distant memory.

I picked and washed, blanched and froze and baked and baked some more.  Bread, a pie, some stock and pizza rolls.  Chicken Pot Pie for supper.

Finding the sweet spot to rise the bread always makes me smile :)  

Two seasons are represented on my kitchen windowsill...  summer flowers from the garden and a candle for the dark fall evenings.

Get a load of this beauty!  Gorgeous vintage breadbox EXACTLY like the one that's been swimming around in my head for years on end found at the local thrift for $2.  Oh, happy day!

With a 3 position adjustable shelf, she's very accommodating :)  Bread on top and the pie that I baked today fit *perfectly* on the bottom.   



  1. Oh, oh...i want that breadbox!!! What a fab find! Love that you enjoy finding the right spot for the bread too!!
    Teddy does indeed look pleased....i loved journeying through your day...seems so relaxing...and somehow special , enjoy the week ahead!

  2. Beautiful morning view! Love the bread box :)