Thursday, 18 February 2016

Make it yourself

I think one of the things I like most about simple living is learning to conquer new skills.  I would never have dreamt of making homemade tortillas 8 years ago but now, it's an absolutely ordinary kitchen task.  In fact, none of us can stand the taste and texture of store bought wraps, so homemade it is or we don't eat them!  

We find that to be the case for so many things... the homemade version is usually far superior (as well as frugal).  As our diet has changed over the years, we really taste the preservatives and artificial ingredients in store bought foods.  Avoiding those nasty ingredients is much easier when you have a few standby recipes to rely on.

Wraps are so handy to have on hand for snacks and meals of all kinds and are worth learning to make.  Honestly (like so many other simple living activities), they are NOT hard to make.  Tortillas do dry out quickly, so they must be kept covered at all times (even just off the pan).  I solve this problem by putting them onto a lidded plate in the toaster oven to keep them warm and covered while I cook the rest of the batch.  Any leftovers are cooled under cover and immediately bagged or stored on that same lidded plate.  They never last longer than a day or two (they are quickly devoured) so I've never had the need to freeze them.

These particular lovelies were made to serve with homemade refried beans and appropriate fixings to make a soft taco meal.  They were absolutely fantastic and although meatless, were very hearty, filling and nutritious.

Leftovers from his batch were served last night with a chick pea curry.  They were wonderful for mopping up the delicious sauce left in our bowls!

Here's the recipe I used, although note that I substituted 1/2 cup good olive oil and 1/2 cup avocado oil for the 1 cup coconut oil.  My family isn't keen on a lot of coconut flavour (especially in a savoury recipe), so I adapted accordingly.   You should know that einkorn flour behaves a little bit differently than other wheat flours, so I'd advise that you use a recipe for regular wheat if you don't have einkorn flour.  Such recipes are very common on the web.

Also note that I don't have any fancy equipment - I just use a rolling pin to quickly roll the tortillas out and a cast iron pan to cook them (which takes seconds).  See?  It's easy! 

Now, go make some tortillas!


  1. Your posts are so timely :) I've been thinking of searching out a good recipe for tortillas. It's something my kids love to eat and thus something I'd like to reduce salt/preservatives in. I will have to give this a try, thanks!

  2. It's so true that once you've made a home made version of something, you can never go back to store bought. I haven't eaten a supermarket sweet muffin in over 5 years because when i did, I was horrified at the flavour, so fake!

    I tried wraps once, the results were average, but it is something I really have wanted to try again, so thanks for this reminder!