Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rhode Island Reds and Blue Orpingtons

Above, is one of our 25 Rhode Island Red week old chicks currently residing in the garage "brooder" while the Blue Orpingtons pip their way out of the shells (pics are blurry as they are taken through the plastic of the incubator).  As we struggled through a power outage on Friday, the hatch has been long and slow.  

First, the pipping of the shell, 

...after a long struggle, hatched at last!

Absolutely exhausted after all that work.  Face down for a well deserved nap.  So sweet!

As I fretted over the hatch, I had plenty to keep me busy between my studies, seed planting and a quick sewing project (a nice big soft cuddle blanket for our Grand-daughter, Penny).

There's still a few more eggs that are pipped, but I'm afraid our hatch rate will only be around 50%.  Mama hens do a much better job and they don't care if the power goes out!


  1. Oh I just want to hold that little chicky in my hand! They are so cute when they hatch out. Congrats on your new babies!

  2. Congratulations on your chicken enterprise - do you ever have chicks from your hens as well, or live chicks from a hatchery? I love love love the blanket - a great way to start Penny on Beatrix Potter :)

    1. Hi Dianne :) Yes, the Rhodes were from Rochester Hatchery. We had a couple hens go broody a few months ago but as it was the DEAD of winter still, we didn't let them sit. Should we have any go broody from her eon out, we will absolutely let them set a clutch of eggs :)

    2. The blanket fabric is adorable isn't it? I LOVE Beatrix Potter and made Penny a yellow blanket in the same fabric before she was born. It has become her "must have to go to sleep blanket" and so I thought I'd make another one. I didn't have enough yellow fabric left, so I make her a green one instead!