Monday, 18 March 2013

Seedy Sunday

I spent the day HERE and came home with this:

It was a fantastic event but unfortunately (fortunately?) it became so crowded, that I couldn't get to a lot of the seed tables.  Having never been to Seedy Sunday before, I have no idea if the crowds were normal or bigger than usual.  In any regard, it's wonderful to see so many people interested in growing, all gathering together on a cold, snowy day!   

 I did buy some seeds from a reputable producer (before the crowds got crazy) AND purchased a book that will prove useful for us as we attempt to naturalize some areas on our property.  I read this book a few months back (sourced through the library) and found it really pertinent as it's written by local naturalist who is one of the founders of the Edmonton Naturalization Group.

As well, I was elated to speak with the owners of  Dirt Craft Natural Building.  I'm really keen on taking some workshops through them this year.  I purchased a few books from their stall to slake my thirst until I can get my hands dirty with cob :)

Also ~ I thoroughly enjoyed a presentation by Kevin Kossowan.  This guy has got major season extension going on!  He and his business partner own/run Lactuca ~ an urban micro greens farm in Edmonton.  Way cool stuff ~ totally not what the average person would expect is possible in our climate.  I've followed his blog for a few years and have learned SO much from him.  Do check it out.

To round out a perfect weekend, we gathered as usual to share a family meal with our son, Mitchell, his wife, Kelsey and our wee Granddaughter, Penny.  This time, Penny joined in on the eating with her own supper - an avocado!  She's such a clever little lass...  so keen to be just like everyone else - she was THRILLED to be upright at the table!   I was recently given a high chair from a generous freecycler and I have it all cleaned up and ready for her for when she can sit a little stronger. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Arg! Earlier in the week I knew Seedy Sunday was this week and then I totally forgot about it yesterday. Shoot. I'm glad it was a good day for you in spite of the crowds.

  2. Love the idea of a seedy Sunday...shame the crowds closed in on you though! That family lunch is just to sweet!Enjoy your planting...i am putting off weeding so i can actually get into my mess of a garden to plant!

  3. I can't believe little Penny is old enough already to be sitting in a high chair. It just seems like yesterday she was born.

    We have the Green Living show coming up in mid-April here in Toronto looking forward to going to that.


    1. Gill - technically, she isn't in a high chair just yet... She is seated in a Bumbo seat which is perfect for babies who can't sit independently yet. They aren't really meant for setting on chairs but her Mama and Daddy kept her safe :)

      I know what you mean about her being so old! She's nearly 5 months already...