Thursday, 7 March 2013

Green Gorgeousness

While I haven't yet started the bulk of my seeds indoors, I have started a few herbs.  This sage is coming along nicely and smells SO good when I gently rub the leaves.  I sorely miss having fresh herbs for cooking and am really eager to companion plant a load of them in my garden.  Can you see the bite marks in the spider plant leaves at the bottom of the photo?  BAD kitty....

This Christmas Cactus has quite a story to it - it's a slip from a parent plant that is over 100 years old.   I was recently at a friend's house for a visit (after a very long time of absence) and was truly astonished at the sheer size of the massive plant (perhaps 4 feet around?) sitting majestically on a lovely stand in front of her living room window.  It was the picture of health and vitality!  Looking at the base of the plant, I could tell it was OLD, but never did I expect her to say over 100 years old!  She inherited the plant from an aged family member who passed away and is now the proud 4th generation in her family to care for it.  My friend takes slips from it regularly and pots them up to give away.  I was the lucky recipient of this one, and I'm really excited to have it.  Apparently the parent plant blooms faithfully every Christmas and Easter just like clockwork.

I hope that mine does, too :)


  1. How lucky you are to be the recipient of one of her starter plants. Maybe I will start taking better care of my Christmas, I wish I had taken some flowers from my grandmother's garden.

  2. Love the cactus story. As for the spider plant: kitty is probably as desperate as you for fresh greens. :) Did I see bite marks in the sage? ;)