Friday, 13 July 2012

The Road Slowly Travelled

That's our house nestled behind the trees.

We back onto a working farmer's field and that golden happiness all around us is canola in full bloom.   How can one be in a foul mood with all that sunshiny yellow to look at every day?

The gravel road in the foreground is my sanity saver.

 On the highway from the city, the speed limit is 100, and I swear that my brain is going at least that, too....  

Once I hit the gravel, I slow down to stay out of the ditch.  Gravel is fickle like that.     

Slow and steady I drive, always (always!) impatient at first, but soon, my mind wanders and my shoulders fall back into their rightful place. My forehead and jaw let go soon after as I stare out at beauty all around me.

Nice and easy, we inch our way home with time to truly see ~ horses and foals, cows and calves, pastures, crops, beehives, trees and even tiny wildflowers at the side of the road.

Sometimes, we see deer ~ on occasion a fox.  Coyotes make their presence known, too.  Hawks rest on fence posts while geese, gulls and ducks gather at the ponds. Mice scurry across the road and rabbits bound to safety.  

We open the windows, letting the wind blow our hair wild while we inhale the sweet smell of country air.  Songbirds call out joyously to welcome us home.


Four distinct seasons and the beautiful cycle of life are all are showcased beautifully on this short, bumpy road that leads us home.  

I love my gravel road :)


  1. We call it a dirt road. Gorgeous photo.

  2. It does look charming, there is nothing like the sound and smell of a car travelling along a crunchy dusty dirt road.

  3. I have this same feeling when I leave ny house and travel to Devon. I gradually feel all the stress and frustrations melting away. Its a five hour drive and sometimes the relief of getting closer to my special place makes me cry my eyes out (difficult when driving!) Lily. xxx

  4. It looks very beautiful, you are so lucky to be out of the hustle and bustle of city life at home!

  5. Lily, I often cry when we go 'home". We were there last summer and we spend a good deal of time in our favourite places there... lots of teary eyes and lumps in our throats. *sigh*

  6. That is a beautiful sight, you are so lucky to live in such a lovely place.

  7. That is so beautiful. Isn't yellow the color of happiness? I love how the country kind of forces you to slow down!