Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cold and Hot

Remember this?


Not that long ago, we saw temperatures between -20C and -30C for MONTHS on end.
Through those oh so long winter months, we welcomed the heat that the oven produced and we took full advantage of it, leaving the oven door open after cooking to extract every drop of heat that we could.

But now, with temperatures like this:

we look for ways to keep the heat out of the house!   Cooking outside
is a great way to keep the house cooler, but sometimes I want to fix supper early and not have to stand by the hot BBQ tending to a grilled meal right at the supper hour (with the sun in my face!).  I've been known to plug my crock pot in outside (or in the garage), but also, I like to use my BBQ like an oven.   

In just 5 minutes, I can assemble and layer our entire dinner into a casserole, then pop it onto a slow BBQ.  Several hours later, we have a great meal to eat with very little hands on time.  Oh, this is a VERY good thing!

A little bit of fresh herbs (in this case sage), goes a long way to making a basic meal extraordinary.  I'm so loving the fresh flavours of the season!

Seasoned grass fed beef short ribs piled atop some veggies, then drizzled in local cold pressed canola oil makes simple nosh fit for a King.  We serve a lot of cold meals at this time of year too, but once in a while something "cooked" is in order to change it up.

The house stays cool, tummies are fed and in this busy season of gardening, I'm minimizing my kitchen time (which is a very good thing).

Oh yeah :)


  1. is that a charcoal or gas grill? I only have a charcoal grill, but I love the idea.

    I love our fresh herbs and getting to use them! One of these days, I'll think ahead to soak some rosemary and put it on the grill to smoke. Should make some yummy burgers!

  2. Great idea, Rachael! I'll have to try that.

  3. That meat looks beautiful! Funny how meat is more photogenic raw then cooked! love,andrea

  4. That is hot for you isn't it? I will restrain myself from saying how green with envy I am.

    Try cooking up a large chicken or other roast in your crock pot, then you'll have several meals of cold meat with salad. Vegie kebabs make a great summer meal and can be done on your griller (broiler).

  5. I have never thought of using a barbeque like an oven! So smart! thanks for the idea. How do you do set up the BBQ?

  6. Meg, our BBQ operates on natural gas and is always set up not far from the back door of the house. We have plans to build a brick wood fired oven and have plenty of wood to use for fuel, but for now, we are using the BBQ... It is usually only necessary to have one of the 4 burners lit, and for a really slow "oven", I place the pot on the OPPOSITE side of the grill from the lit side. That prevents scorching and facilitates slow cooking...

    1. So clever! Think I will give it a try, too :)

  7. I shall file that clever idea away for when, if, we ever get a summer this year. We are still paddling around on cold webbed feet!

  8. I haven't used the BBq as an oven for ages...used to do it all the time in Summer...thanks for the reminder...although a tad cold and rainy at the moment!