Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Wee Bit Of Sewing

Another cold day, but sunny at last!

I'm still working away at the dining chairs. 6 are totally finished and 2 more covers are sewn together and ready to go.  I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel... Have you EVER seen so many staples to undo?  The black cover ALSO had an equal number of staples attaching it... why I'll never know.

                                             Now, for FUN sewing!

I made a Christmas ornament for a swap that I'm participating in at Down To Earth   I don't want to give away the surprise in case my swap partner peeks here, so this teaser pic will have to suffice.  It's made of 100% wool felt, and the trim is from my recent find at the Thrift Store.  The buttons are all vintage from my Grandmother's stash that I inherited when she moved here and decided that she would not be doing any more sewing (she's 91!).   The ornament turned out rather nicely but the trouble is... now all I want to do is sew for fun never mind finishing those blasted chairs!

This buckwheat bag for natural headache treatment is for a gift.  It's scented with peppermint oil and it does a spectacular job of getting rid of headaches.  30-60 seconds in the microwave while you drink a large glass of water (don't over heat it or it smells BAD), and a 15 minute rest with it over your eyes and forehead does the trick to chase a headache away.  It's re-usable and can be refreshed with any essential oil once the peppermint has faded. The fabric is a scrap from my stash (circa 90's), and is simply sewn into a rectangle, leaving one end open to fill, then top stitched closed.  I triple stitched the seams eliminating the chance of a buckwheat leak :)

I've got plenty of Christmas gift sewing to do, so must get busy to finish those chairs...

What are you sewing?


  1. I can't wait to see a photo of the whole ornament Sherri.
    I haven't really started any gift sewing but I did make myself a crochet hook wrap yesterday.

  2. Ha! I did peak! :) Good thing you didn't give it away. Thanks for the I'm really excited for it to come!! I have a stash of my grandmother's buttons as well - she would have been in her 80's. Aren't they so fun to use? Thank you for sharing such treasures with me!

  3. Ooh, I love the idea of the peppermint headache bag - superb! May use this idea for a Christmas pressie or two.. ;)

  4. I also like the headache bag idea. My step-mom uses hotpads regularly, I bet she would love one!

  5. Hey how was I supposed to know? ;)

  6. all your sewingproject are wonderful.i love the headache bag idea.
    i love the winter pics too!!!!
    have a wonderful week ,
    love regina