Friday, 11 November 2011


After months of intense hard work, the garden is officially finished for the year.  I'm elated and sad all at the same time if such a combination of emotions can truly co-exist simultaneously :)  I'm elated that we were mostly successful in doubling our harvest but I'm tired of trying to beat the calendar (and consequently, the odds against me).   I'm also oddly enough, a little sad...  mourning the loss of warm breezy days spent tending to my garden... the fresh air, the exercise, the feeling of accomplishment...  it's all done for another year.

After some reflection, I've realized that twice of Everything proved to be my absolute limit while simultaneously raising a family, home educating and finishing a renovation.  I learned a lot this season about priorities and personal limitations but most importantly, I learned that doubling a garden is most certainly NOT like doubling a recipe :)  It is most definitely double the work.  Oh yes.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  Would I do it again?  Yes, although perhaps a little differently ~ with more efficiency in mind.

As I ponder how to be more efficient in my garden next year, so begins this welcome season of rest and warmth.  I've dusted off my sewing machine, and I've returned to the kitchen, not to can or blanch, but to bake.  For now, at long last, there is Time.   Time to clean out closets, time to dust (ahem) and time to tackle indoor projects that have long been neglected.  There is finally Time to read and craft.

Yes, it's getting cold....and no, we don't like it one little bit, but the gift ~ the precious silver lining in what is our long, harsh winter ~ is Time.

At long last...  there is finally, Time



  1. Such good thoughts. My garden time isn't quite done, but I love to think about "a time for everything". Having seasons where you do different things is so enjoyable!

  2. One of my philosophies is "It's ALL about time", and do you know what 'it' really is! Everything we do relates back to time. A time to live, a time to die, the passing of time, time on our side, running out of time, time to work, time to play, time to's endless, most things relate back to time in some way or another.

  3. Oh yeah, dusting. I do it when I FEEL like it (and he knows better than to complain! lol). We live on a dirt road in Georgia-enough said.
    I too love growing things and am glad that our season is not a short one.

  4. I am still working on cleaning up my garden ready for winter and even when it comes it isn't as long or as hard as those you experience. One good thing about winter is that there is more time to do crafts and other indoor things without thinking that you should be outside working in the garden.

  5. Excellent thoughts... I have to say it's rather liberating to be "free" to do other things for a change! Time is truly our most precious commodity...

  6. Our garden goes all year, seems so strange the idea of stopping. Love the thought of snow falling and bunkering inside, we only ever get a rare dusting of snow here.
    Some big time savers in the garden for me are - let things self seed then they plant themselves, newspaper and straw on the really weedy beds, and most significantly my vegie group. Get some like minded ladies together for a rotating working bee - you can have your whole garden overhauled - great for tackling the big jobs.

  7. I love the comment about getting a group of ladies together to work on each other's gardens!!! Always more fun when we do things together- and doesn't feel like work. Our garden is now "put to bed" for winter, too.