Tuesday, 17 May 2011


300 white onion sets in the ground today along with roughly 80' of broccoli and cauliflower seedlings and 2 large packets of corn (Country Gentleman and BiColor).  The peas are soaking for early planting tomorrow (The Pilot, Sapporo, Manitoba Bush and Hungarian Shelling) and I've GOT to get the seed potatoes in the ground tomorrow - they are sprouting like MAD!  Our wonderful neighbours gave us many bags of seed potatoes which I am very thankful for.  It saved a bundle!

The chickens are enjoying their new pasture area and they kept very busy all day trying to get through the fencing to the plants and seeds I was planting!  You can see the the temporary chicken wire and rebar fencing that we use to keep the hens out of the garden.  It's really easy to remove sections of it to allow the chickens in if there is an insect problem.

 This view above is from the outside of the new hen run - lots of green grass!  The coop and the garden are way at the back behind all the green grass.  Our fruit trees are doing well and are leafing out nicely which will eventually give nice shade for the "girls".

Here's a picture from the side closest to the driveway - the raspberries are on the right behind the hens :)

Our lovely neighbours also gave us 50lbs of potatoes for eating that were leftover from their winter storage.  What a gift!  We've been eating lots of them this week in many different dishes.  Our favourite (other than mashed) is Chip and Egg.  We fry or roast seasoned diced potatoes until crispy, then top with fried eggs from the hens.  Served with bacon or sausage and fruit, it's a delicious meal that is very comforting.

I'm exhausted and need to head off to bed but I wanted to show this picture of the eggs we  collected today.  We are noticing a lot of long slender eggs from the heritage breeds.  They really aren't smaller than usual, just a very different shape.  Also, notice the wrinkled egg on top - funny!

Boy, I am certainly not getting any younger - my back and my legs are stiff after all that hunching and bending over planting today :)  It sure feels good to get some lovely seed into the warm soil, though.  I hope you all had a productive and satisfying day today.  Tomorrow brings new challenges and much joy - if you look for it!


  1. Oh I would love to have all that space to grow enough to sustain....but for now, I just grow enough to supplement the shopping...I can imagine all the hard work though..but so rewarding too...well done, keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah, it's a LOT of work, but it is very satisfying :) Sometimes, I think I've gotten into too much, but come winter when we are eating our way through it all, I'll be really grateful for the investment of time in the summer.