Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I am filled with gratitude.  

So fortunate I am to lead a full and active life "IN REAL LIFE" as opposed to "in front of a screen".   Every single day is full to the brim with a gorgeous jumble of family, our home life, a burgeoning garden, our livestock, my permaculture class and new learning about all sorts of things from beekeeping to cob oven cooking.  Add in a little bit of volunteer work and the reality is that I've been so busy LIVING my life there's no time left to document this wonderful ride I'm on! 

My parents arrive today for a visit from out of province.  Come mid-June, the dust will have settled enough to carve some time out for posting on this woefully neglected blog :)

Until then, friends XO


  1. I'll just bet your laying on the loung eating chocolates and watching the daytime soaps! ;)

  2. Good Luck to you. What a wonderful post. I don't read papers anymore. I log on to get a daily dose of positive thoughts and appreciation for a life well lived.

  3. Those look like Lake Superior rocks :)

  4. That sounds just like a thought filled prayer, Amen.