Friday, 12 April 2013

He's Back!

After 3 months of living barefoot in a swimsuit (either underwater or on the beach), Ian is back home in Alberta.  Little sister Megan (16) formed part of the airport welcoming committee late last night...

What was the first thing Ian did once home at midnight?  Prepare his famous "Manwich" (which trust me was a sight to behold).  Our home just isn't the same without Ian fixing an elaborate, mile high custom toasted sandwich each day...

Welcome home, Ian XO   We've missed you (and your kitchen capers).

More photos to come... we're hosting a big family bash today to welcome Ian home and celebrate his (belated) 20th birthday!


  1. What a good looking pair of siblings!

  2. I agree with Rose. You have beautiful children. I love it too, when my kids are all home. Safe! And full of stories of their adventures.

  3. How wonderful to have your children home and in the nest :) Let the celebrating begin!!!