Friday, 5 October 2012

2 week intensive

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be hopping!

1)  Carrots and potatoes are still coming out of the ground and I'm losing the race to finish before heavy frost sets in.  Must finish!

2)  Found yesterday for 70% off, a Honeycrisp apple tree and many companion perennial plants/vines (also 70% off) need to be planted *this weekend*.

3)  My course load is increasing - lots of fascinating ecology, detailed botany and even some chemistry is all combining to stretch my brain into unknown territory.

4)  Thanksgiving dinner (hosted here on Monday) needs to be prepared for.  The turkey is defrosting in the fridge while I make lists and dig out favourite recipes.

5)  Our first Grandchild is due is 4 weeks!  I MUST get cracking on the quilt, SOON.

6)  Ongoing planning continues for a Baby Shower to be hosted here in November.  Such a happy occasion that will be :)

7)  Seasonal Chores are piled up - washing outdoor windows, switching to winter tires, putting the garden to bed, marking the driveway, storing patio furniture, cleaning out the coop (to name just a few).

There's more, but I'll stop there because it's too overwhelming to even think about it all at once...

See you soon, dear readers XO


  1. Wow you are one busy keeps a person young though! Hope you accomplish all.

  2. you really are busy. Hope the weather holds up for you.


  3. Boy am I right there with you. Just so much to do and I am happy when I accomplish even one, sigh.

  4. I read a quote recently that said something like, "nature does not hurry, yet everything important gets accomplished." I was kind of inspired, but then remembered that nature doesn't have itself (or a house or family or...) to contend with ;) One thing at a time, though, and eventually the big things get done!

  5. Don't forget to breathe, I'm very good at forgetting that when I'm super busy.

  6. Its exhausting just thinking about your to do list! I am impressed you can even consider getting a quilt done in 4 weeks. I would have to give it months I love your Autumn display. Lily. xxx