Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Metamorphosis (Inside)

Yesterday, we watched a miraculous process up close and in person, right in the kitchen over a family breakfast.  

3 weeks ago we were watching TEENY, TINY black caterpillars feed and grow.  They ate and ate and grew and grew and gradually set themselves into their "changing state". 
A chrysalis.  

We waited (not very patiently) for what seemed like forever for "something" to happen. Just when the kids and I had forgotten about them, they emerged into stunning Painted Ladies.  Just like that.  

It took our breath away.


All the wonderful things in our life take a healthy dose of patience to accomplish.

Patience seems to be our (my) life lesson.

 Jaime, you have me figured out.  



  1. I did this once when I was a child found a chrysalis. I brought it and the stick it was attached to our porch where I waited and as it got thinner and I could see through it, I knew to watch it more so was there when it finally emerged, dried off its wings and flew away. It was a wonderful thing to see. I was about 7 years old at the time.

  2. Thank you for your nice comments! My house is one of the cheaper homes around here...but it is nice to not have debt/stress. Although we are always tempted to move. If we can be patient (like you were with your chrysalis!) and wait 5 years until my husband retires, we can move out to the country. But, really, I think you are smart to move out to your countryside and raise your kids there. I grew up in the country and I really yearn for it. And I wish we would've made that move 30 years ago! love,andrea

  3. How awesome is that? We have been impatient around here too waiting for some baby bird eggs to hatch. It seemed like months but I'm sure it was only weeks.

  4. Becky - how neat that you remember that :)

    Andrea - no debt is fantastic! You have a beautiful property - it's just like being in the country.

    Kelly - what kind of bird eggs? :)

  5. Really beautiful photo's. I have always thought this is such a wonderful proces, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Also so symbolic. Do you know the book''The very hungry caterpillar"? Me and my boys loved to read this, and to look at the drawings. Your post reminded me of this.

  6. Yes, Gerda... all 5 of my children LOVED Eric Carle - especially that book! We still have it, in fact.

  7. I love the eric carle book too. How amazing to sit and actually see this! And your patience mantra is a good one, I think I could employ a bit of it around here too...

  8. Heehee, it is most definitely one of my life lessons, too! Beautiful that you were able to see the transformation and share it together.